In the beginning…

…a lawyer fell in love with the liturgy.

That lawyer would be me.  I’m Mike Daisley.  I’m a life-long Episcopalian and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife and son and the best dog on the planet.  I practice law in the areas of civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Let me confess up front.  I’m an Anglophile.  I love the English language. I love its sounds, its cadences, the way each of its half million or so words have their own unique nuanced and contextual meaning.  (I say this with some sadness because, with the exception of three semesters of Latin at Davidson College, it’s the only language I know.)

The best dog on the planet.

There are other languages that linger lovingly on the ear.  Russian and Haitian Kreyol come to mind.  (I’d add French to that list, but most folks I know who speak French are pretty stuck up about it, so why give them extra ammunition?)  Even so, I believe Robert Heinlein was right when he wrote about English, “Its very variety, subtlety, and utterly irrational, idiomatic complexity makes it possible to say things…which simply cannot be said in any other language.”

I’m not sure of all that, but this much I know.  The stunningly beautiful liturgical language contained in the Book of Common Prayer has often just stopped me in my tracks, and has dropped me —  quite literally — to my knees.

So this blog is about the liturgy, the Episcopal liturgy to be more exact, and my lifelong adventure with it.  If you’d like to add tales of your adventures, I’d be honored to have your stories.

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